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 Landing Pages - Convert Visitors to Paying Customers
To sell products or services online, you first need to send visitors to your website.

Whenever you send an Email to prospects or advertise your website online, you need to provide a link to send the user to upon clicking.

In the jargon of Internet this page is called the "landing page" or "jump page." It is the Web page you land at, or jump to, upon clicking the link.  

One of the most common mistakes companies with no Internet Marketing expertise often make, is to direct traffic to the main page of the website.

The problem with this approach is - your lead gets confused with too many links and "sales copy" that is not focused around the driving campaign.

Before you spend thousands of dollars on PPC or other forms of Online Marketing and Lead Generation, it is important that you understand that online success is not all about Traffic.

To succeed online, you must convert Traffic into Conversions, or in other words - convert anonymous website visitors into qualified leads - then paying customers.

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 Why are Landing Pages Important?

According to Marketing Sherpa, simple changes to your website landing page could increase your conversions by 40%!

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