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 About SPI
SPI is a global full-service Internet Marketing & Web Development firm, providing services to more than 3,000 businesses in 14 countries.

Established in 1998, SPI grew from a small 5 person software consulting business, to an International Conglomerate employing 300 Marketing Professionals, Software Engineers, Project Managers, Graphic designers, Customer Support Personnel and Account Managers in a wide array of diversified sectors.

 Business First, Technology Second
It's about solving business challenges, not pushing technology on top of technology.

Whether implementing our in-house technology applications or integrating third-party solutions, for today's technology solutions to be effective, we believe they must be deeply rooted in solving specific business issues. Technology for technology's sake? No more.

SPI has long been a believer in solving the business challenges of our customers. Going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction - at all levels. Rarely providing the quick-fix solution in favor of building a lasting partnership.

 Our Approach
The key to providing any business solution is to first understand the problem and the situation. It begins with listening. Absorbing. Learning.

Our Account Managers are Software professionals, trained in 'listening'. We Listen. Then re-iterate to ensure we understand where you're coming from. Only then do we work with you in designing a solution that delivers the business results you're aiming for.

We think of our Customers as Business Partners. Understanding the way our customers do business enables us to support their plans and objectives. Your success is our success.

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