SoftwareProjects Physical Products

Last Updated: April 28th, 2017

SoftwareProjects loves physical products. This page covers additional guidelines that apply to CD’s, books, supplements and other physical products.

Fulfillment Houses

SoftwareProjects holds inventory with the following fulfillment houses:
    • The Planet Fulfillment (3PL Central)
    • ShipCentral and JetPack (VeraCore)
    • Melprints (Melprinting)
    • ShipWire
    • ShipOffers
    • ShipStation
    • Rapid Fulfillment
    • NFS (National Fulfillment Services) Fulfillment

API Integration

SoftwareProjects utilizes the following API endpoints with our fulfillment houses:
• API to Ship New order (as soon as an order is placed)
• API to cancel an order before it was shipped
• API notification once the product was shipped - tracking ID must be included
• API notification when a product is returned to our fulfillment house
• API to check on inventory

Promotional Guidelines for Physical Products

Flat Media
This category includes books, CDs, DVDs, and other physical products, excluding supplements.

Supplements include dietary supplements, food, and skin care.

The same promotional guidelines exist as with digital products. In addition, Shipping and Handling (S&H) must be clearly identified on the sales page. Refund policies must incorporate SoftwareProjects physical product return requirements, where we allow up to 180 days for the product to be returned.
When submitting a supplement or dietary product for approval, you must provide the following as part of the reviewal process:
• Copy of the label on the sales page
• A sample of the product, when requested.
• Copy of the full label (product image and ingredients) as a jpg file as part of the compliance review
• Supporting certifications based on the claims noted on the label, ie. 100% natural, cGMP, Organic, Non GMO etc.
• Certificate of origin
• Certification of Analysis
• A certification/statement from lawyers that the product is legal, when applicable
• Commercial General Lability Insurance.

In addition to SoftwareProjects insurance, The Supplier will also maintain a policy, which will provide coverage for damages arising from The Supplier's services, including without limitation, damages for bodily injury, property damage, or personal injury. This policy will name SoftwareProjects as additionally insured and will be non-cancelable without thirty (30) prior day's prior written notice.

The liability coverage will not be less than One-Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence with a general aggregate limit of not less than Two-Million Dollars ($2,000,000.00). The Supplier will provide SoftwareProjects with a copy of this policy The Supplier will notify SoftwareProjects in the event of notice of any claim or any potential claim on or against its commercial or general liability insurance.

Commissions on Physical Products

SoftwareProjects permits a revenue share or a CPA (cost per action) commission to be rewarded to the affiliate. The revenue share commission is taken from the price of the product, excluding Shipping and Handling. The CPA must be smaller than the Average Order Value (AOV).

Fulfilling Orders

Each physical order is fulfilled same-day by SoftwareProjects. If inventory is low for a certain product, SoftwareProjects will remove that product from our catalog and prevent any additional sales.

Processing Address Changes

Customers can change their shipping addresses, either through SoftwareProjects via the Self Tool, contacting SoftwareProjects Support, or by contacting you. An address cannot be shipped, once an order has processed. The order may be intercepted via the carrier by the customer, or the customer has to refuse/send back the package.

Refund Requests

Customer refund requests can be handled in two different ways. Customer returned the product and a credit is applied automatically with the API via the fulfillment house, or the customer may provide SoftwareProjects with the return tracking info, and a refund will be applied immediately. Please note that the refund is for the full amount, including the cost of the product and S&H.