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Graphic Design

Photoshop, Flash, Logo Design, Banners and Widgets. We focus on branding and usability.

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?????? - пвапавы
 May 8, 2015

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Recently Completed Projects:

New dasboard->categoiries filters white sp... - In the new dashboard I've added for categories filter some jquery code that will change the dropdowns width dinamically, depending on the selected option text. To achieve that I store th
  2.5 hours
Final Tweaks and HTML Code for Landing Pag... - I have completed the final tweaks of the landing page design, and created all of the HTML code for the design, including the CSS files and all Image files. You will find all of the fi
  2.0 hours
Finish the new header design adjustments - During this project , I have re-designed the top tabbed navigation to fit the new white background , as well as eliminating the older gray fading background. The page looks great
  1.0 hour
Background not matching up with gray templ... - The gray template background doesn't match-up on Chrome (and possibly other browsers). As an example, see this page - Attached is a screen
  0.5 hours

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  • The Process
  • Deliverables
  • Samples
    Q. SoftwareProjects Graphic Design

      Graphic Design is the process of preparing a PSD (Photoshop file), HTML files and CSS (Style sheets), creating a desired look & feel based on client requirements.

      SoftwareProjects Graphic Design projects include Brochures, Corporate Identity, Websites, Landing Pages, Icons, Banners and Email templates.

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    Q. The Process

      Graphic Design involves three steps:

      Step 1: Concept

      After getting some basic requirements from the client, SoftwareProjects Professionals prepare a few variations each revolving around a different concept. For example, if the client is asking for a "search engine website", three possible concepts could be: (a) Clean - style (b) Portal - style (c) Ajax Web 2.0 - style

      Step 2: Iterations

      Once a client picks the desired concept, SoftwareProjects Professionals go through a series of fine tunings and enhancements, until achieving a design that is visually pleasing and acceptable by the client. Every Graphic Design project typically includes three iterations.

      Step 3: Deliverables

      On the final step, SoftwareProjects Professionals prepare the HTML+CSS files, including basic navigation, to form a complete prototype of the target website, based on the last approved iteration. For a website, the deliverables are HTML, CSS and all image files. For brochures, the deliverables are high quality PDF and PSD files.

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    Q. Deliverables

      We use a public domain named to host all Graphic Design project previews.

      Every SoftwareProjects Professional is assigned his/her own directory under this domain. Professionals create a separate directory per each client project they are working on, with sub directories to identify iterations.

      For example, if your name is Neil Schoemaker and you are working on the ReMAX website, you would create directories under:

      and post links to those directories as part of the project notes, allowing the client to preview versions 1, 2 and 3 of the website.

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    Q. Samples
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