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The Importance of Analytics

Tyler Banfield, 01-31-2007
Although many web masters view them as worthless or time consuming, analytics are one of the best tools for increasing the conversion rate of your web site.

Analytics are basically a way for your visitors to communicate directly with you. Google offers a free Analytics tool which can provide a wealth of information about your visitors.

Once you have signed up for a Google Analytics account, you can setup a profile for each of your web sites. Google will provide you with a special tracking code for each web site. This code can be added to the bottom of every page that you want to be tracked. Once this code has been added and validated, the Analytics program will begin displaying information about your visitors within one day.

Google Analytics can be used with or without Adwords. Regardless of whether you use Adwords, Analytics can provide you with the number of page views and visits everyday, where they are from, whether they are a new or returning visitors and what source brought them to your web site. Additionally, Analytics shows you the top five keywords that brought traffic to your site, along with the top five pages that they entered and exited on. The more knowledge that you have about your audience, the better you can provide them with the design and content that they want.

Whether you plan on starting a PPC campaign or just need a reliable way to track your web site statistics and improve your users’ experience, Google Analytics has the tools that you desire.

Analytics can be as basic and simple as you want, or as technical and cutting edge as you can handle. The important thing is that you give it a shot and see what a quality Analytics program can do for your web site.
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