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Top 5 Online Content Management system

Tyler Banfield, 01-31-2007
According to Wikipedia, a Content Management System (or CMS) is ďa computer software system used to assist its users in the process of content management.Ē

In the online world, a CMS is any software that can help you easily and effectively setup a web site as a blog, social network, Wiki or other popular format. To save you some time, we have compiled a list of the top five online content management systems:



Regardless of what your needs as a Blogger are, WordPress can handle them. WordPress is the simplest and most reliable way to setup a blog. WordPress is a free download, and includes features such as unlimited categories, a built-in search feature, Blogroll and unlimited static pages. The default Wordpress template is written in valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional, and it is fairly simple to find free templates around the internet (or learn to design your own). The most popular feature of WordPress are plugins, which allow you to expand the power of WordPress immensely (donít miss our list of the six best WP plugins).

Social Network


If you want to launch your own social network, phpFoX is the best CMS for the job. For $300, you can get the full license to phpFoX (they also offer a $39.95 monthly license). phpFoX contains many of the features that have made MySpace so popular, without the messy (often broken) layout issues. phpFoX also includes an instant messenger, live chat, SEO URLs and title tags, advanced search and members shoutbox.

Video Sharing


ClipShare is the easiest way to start your own YouTube like web site. For ninety-nine dollars, you can get everything you need to make your dream of a video web site a reality. ClipShare has hundred of great features, including member profiles, easy video uploads, member to member messaging, custom channels and groups.



MediaWiki is the CMS that powers Wikipedia. MediaWiki is a free CMS that allows you to create a Wiki on any subject that you want. One of the best features of MediaWiki is that when a user edits a page, it is written to the database, but the previous version is not actually deleted. This makes tasks like controlling spam and vandalism a whole lot easier.

Everything Else

Drupal or Joomla

If you need a CMS but donít feel that you fall into any of the four categories above, Drupal and Joomla are both powerful CMS options. Both of these open source CMS packages can handle anything from basic personal home pages to high-level corporate web applications. Thanks to the active community of each CMS, it is quite easy to find answers to even the most technical of questions.
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