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How a site gets done at SPI

Adrian Singer, 11-06-2007
A lot of people wonder what's involved with putting together a professionally-looking, money-making, fully-functional website.

Doesn't matter if it's a website, a web service, a blog or a shopping-cart, the process is always the same.

It starts with a client surfing over to, clicking on the "Projects" tab and posting a Project.

All projects are broken down to three components:

#1. Graphic Design
#2. Content
#3. Programming

As a matter of policy, we limit every single project to a maximum of 12 hours. If anything is going to take longer than 12 hours, it is broken down to sub projects. This helps keeping everything managable.

All communication, including emails, attachments, drafts and chat messages, is stored in the system as part of the designated project.

Here's the synopsis of how a recent comparison shopping site got done by SPI:


Opened by Quad Helper Sep 11 08:28

I am starting a new deals & coupons site like and

(I still don't have the domain name and sitename secured. Once I complete the purchase within the next two days I will tell you the name)

I really like the web 2.0 design of and looking for something similar, but with better bigger tabs

Please let me know what it would take to create a new unique design like for my deals site

Follow-up by Andrew Sorenson Sep 11 18:34

SPEC: Hello, is clean and simple but there are a few improvements possible.

I think the tabs should be centered and not on the far left side of the screen, if you look on a wide 20" screen, which is getting quite common it's difficult to navigate.

Also the content width should be limited to a maximum of 85% of the screen width for big screens, otherwise the text is difficult to read.

The attached specification includes the main page layout, and 2-3 base content pages design. Please let me know the content that has to be put inside.

COST: 12 hours

Follow-up by Quad Helper Sep 13 18:00

I don't have a corporate identity or anything like that. The content should
be the same as,, I want to list
coupons and deals and merchants

I should finish the domain purchase today and then I can tell you the name
of the site

How soon can we get this done?

Follow-up by Andrew Sorenson Sep 16 15:57


Usually within a week (so by 24 of September it could be ready), but depends on how many versions we'll have to produce until you're happy with the look & feel.

You need to approve the specification before we get started.

Follow-up by Quad Helper Oct 1 07:55


Follow-up by Andrew Sorenson Oct 1 11:28

DEADLINE SET TO October 22, 2007 I've set a long deadline so we have time available between reviews if required.

Follow-up by Quad Helper Oct 1 12:44

Thank you. Is there a way we can have it sooner? What do you need from me?

Follow-up by Andrew Sorenson Oct 1 13:17

you will have the first drafts in 3-4 days, and depending on how many changes you will need on these drafts, we will go forward. I have all the informations we need right now for the drafts.

Follow-up by Andrew Sorenson Oct 11 13:56


Attached please find three design concepts we created. Let me know which one you like best.

Follow-up by Quad Helper Oct 12 08:37

Now you're talking! I like the last version the best!

I think we need a different color instead of the green. We can keep the orange+new color, or come up with two completely new colors. We can't use the green because it is too much like FatWallet.

Follow-up by Andrew Sorenson Oct 12 09:41

I'm glad you like it

I will send you today a new version with the requested modifications.

. <== 3 more iterations

Follow-up by Andrew Sorenson Oct 15 14:19

Ok, so we are ok with graphics. I'll go ahead and switch to working on the HTML rendering.

Follow-up by Quad Helper Oct 17 12:21

Looks gr8

Follow-up by Andrew Sorenson Oct 22 11:49


Attached is the product page made in HTML. I will post the other ones in a few hours.

Follow-up by Quad Helper Oct 22 20:36

Everything looks great. Can you just make it clear what tab in the top and bottom row is currently selected?

Resolved by Andrew Sorenson Oct 22 20:50


Attached is the final version with your requested changes. I will have copywriting follow up with you to work on the content.

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