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Email Troubleshooting Guide

Chris Tata, 06-25-2007
Q. How do I create a new email account?
  • Login to your SoftwareProjects account. Once logged in, if you already have a website hosted with SoftwareProjects, you will see a box that reads 'Server' with the name of your server:
    Image Click on your server name and then select 'Email Accounts'. This will display all the email accounts you currently have under that domain. You can click on an account to update the password, or select 'Add Account' to create a new email account.

    If you don't have any servers managed by SoftwareProjects yet, go to this page and click 'Add It Now' to activate a new hosting account for your business.

    We prepared a short demo video that illustrates the entire process start-to-finish of setting up a new web hosting account with SoftwareProjects and managing your email. The video is available under the Resources 'Hosting and Email' category. View the video
Q. Got my username and password. Now how do I setup my email client?
  • Open your favorite email client and add a new account with the settings below.
    • Incoming Mail server - this should always be set to
    • Protocol - Select IMAP
    • Incoming Server Username - you should set your username to your email address
    • Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server - this should always be set to
    • Log on using Secure Password Authentication - this should always be UNCHECKED
    • My server requires authentication - this should always be CHECKED
    • Outgoing Server Username and Password - Use same settings as incoming server.(Hint: In Outlook and Outlook Express, find the More Settings button to reveal the last three settings.)
    Here are step-by-step instructions on how to setup a new email account with the three most popular email clients:
Q. How do I check my email while away from the office?
  • SoftwareProjects offers a free Web Mail facility that allows you to check your email wherever you are. Since our email customers primarily use IMAP, you'll have access to all your old messages, folders and contacts from the webmail facility.
    To access WebMail, go to and click on the WebMail tab at the top of the page.
Q. How do I view my messages while offline?
  • Because you're using IMAP, you'll have to configure your email client software to download all messages for offline viewing.
    If you're using Thunderbird email client, right click on the Inbox folder, select properties and then select Offline.
    Other email clients offer similar offline-synchronization capabilities.
Q. What is the difference between IMAP and POP3? Can I use either one?
  • There are two different protocols available to access e-mail: POP3 and IMAP. POP3 is useful when e-mail is checked from only one computer. IMAP is the better choice when you would like to check your mail from multiple computers, at work and home, for example. IMAP has the added benefit of accessing folders on the server, allowing you to organize your e-mail, and access it from anywhere. SoftwareProjects recommends all customers use IMAP when accessing your email.

    While POP3 works by reviewing the inbox on the mail server, and downloading the new messages to your computer, IMAP downloads the headers of the new messages on the server, then retrieves the message you want to read when you click on it.

    When using POP3, your mail is stored on your PC. When using IMAP, the mail is stored on the mail server. Unless you copy a message to a "Local Folder" the messages are never copied to your PC.

    Yes you can use either POP3 or IMAP when accessing your email, however we strongly recommend you use IMAP due to the benefits mentioned above.
Q. How do I send large attachments?
  • While you can attach files to your email message, similar to how you'd do this with any other email service, we strongly discourage customers from sending large attachments via email. Most users employ strict anti-spam measures that automatically block messages with large attachments or strip the attachment from the message.
    Large attachments slow down your email experience, clog bandwidth and often never get delivered.
    If you need to share pictures, use any of the free services such as Flickr , Kodak Photos or Picasa and send a link to your album. If you need to share large files, use that lets you upload files of any size and convert them to a short link that can easily be shared with others.
Q. I forgot my password or, I keep getting incorrect password error
  • If you are the primary owner of the SoftwareProjects hosting account where your mailbox is stored, you can login to your SoftwareProjects, click on the Server to manage and then under Accounts you will see a list of all email mailboxes, where you can change your password.
    Otherwise, contact your system administrator and request that they login to their SoftwareProjects account and change the password for you.
    Note: If you are an employee / contractor of SoftwareProjects, you can change your password on your own, by logging in to your SoftwareProjects account and clicking on Settings - Change Password - Change SoftwareProjects Email password.
Q. I can receive messages, but I can't send anything out
  • If you can receive email, but cannot send there are several possibilities why this is happening:
    • You may be getting an error message that says "Relaying Denied" or a password box might pop up every time you try to send email. Your email client's Account Settings are incorrect. Open the Email Account Server Settings in your favorite email client and confirm that all settings are correct. Here are a few links that will help you get to this section of your email client:Since each of these clients vary in setup, you may need to poke around to find where to change each of the settings or refer to the links above to locate them. The important settings you need to look at are as follows:
      • Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server - this should be set to
      • Log on using Secure Password Authentication - this should always be UNCHECKED
      • My server requires authentication - this should always be CHECKED
      • Outgoing Server Username and Password - this special outgoing username should be provided by your system administrator. If you are the system administrator, you can find this special username in the same spot where you found the password as described in the I forgot my password section above.
      • Hint: In Outlook and Outlook Express, find the More Settings button to reveal these settings.
    • Your ISP does not allow you to send email through an outside provider. You can change the outgoing email port to 5190 in your email client. You should leave the Incoming/Receiving port alone. Here are specific instructions to help you do this for each email client:
    • Your Firewall or AntiVirus software is preventing your messages from being sent. Some anti-virus programs can change the settings in your email program, thus causing problems. Try disabling virus scanning, and try again. If you need help with your anti-virus program, please contact the company that makes your anti-virus software.
Q. I can't send or receive any emails
  • If you cannot send or receive email there are several problems that could be causing this. Follow these steps to help determine what the problem is and how to fix it:
    • Try to login to your email account using WebMail. If you are unable to login here, your password is probably incorrect (see I forgot my password). If you are sure you have the correct password, contact your system administrator, or contact support.
    • Your email client's Account Settings are incorrect. Scroll up and setup your email account using the instructions under how to setup.
    • Your Firewall or AntiVirus software is preventing your email client from working properly. Some anti-virus programs can change the settings in your email program, thus causing problems. Try disabling virus scanning, and try again. If you need help with your anti-virus program, please contact the company that makes your anti-virus software.
Q. I can send and receive, but others can't email me
  • There are a few reasons why others may have problems sending you email. Take the following steps to solve most problems:
    • Check your Spam folder. Messages sent to you may be marked as Spam and you aren't seeing them. Look for a Spam folder in your email client and make sure messages aren't being automatically redirected there.
    • You have exceeded your mailbox quota. If you routinely store email messages on the server (instead of downloading them to an email client), you may regularly reach your email storage quota. To solve this problem, it is highly recommended that you use a desktop email client such as Outlook or Outlook Express. If you don't want to install a desktop email client, you'll need to delete messages from WebMail on a regular basis to keep from reaching the allotted storage space.

      If you have installed a desktop email client and you are still routinely reaching your allotted storage space, make sure your email client is not set to keep messages on the server once they have been downloaded.
    • Check the domain name expiration date (see above topic)
    • Your MX record is incorrectly configured. Check the MX record for the domain name. You can use this MX Lookup tool to check this.

      Put your domain name in the form and hit submit. Under IP address you should see This is the SoftwareProjects mail server. Please note that SoftwareProjects will probably add more mail servers in the future, so this IP address might not always be the same. If you do find that the IP address from the MX Lookup tool does not match, update the MX record at your domain registrar if you are the system administrator, or contact support for further assistance.
Q. All of a sudden my email stopped working
  • Use the SoftwareProjects WhoIs Lookup Tool to check if the domain name has expired. Submit the domain name, and look for the line that says "expires on" (or something similar). Compare that to today's date and you will know if the domain has expired. If the domain name has expired, you should contact your system administrator right away and tell them that their domain name expired. If you are the system administrator, renew the domain registration at your registrar and things will start working again in 48-72 hours (normally quicker).

    If the domain name did not expire and you are the system administrator, check with your SoftwareProjects account manger to make sure that your hosting contract with SofwareProjects did not expire. If you do not pay your bill or your account agreement lapsed, your account may have been disabled and your email address could stop working.
Q. How do I setup anti-spam and anti-virus for my email?
  • All SoftwareProjects account come with built-in Anti Spam and Anti Virus. You don't have to install or configure anything. Every single email sent to you, will automatically be scanned for virus and blocked if it is tagged as spam.
    Once a day you will receive an email report listing all messages that were blocked as spam messages. You can click on a message to view it and add the sender to your whitelist if it is a false positive.
    If you're waiting for an important message that was just sent to you and you suspect it might have been tagged as spam, here's how to immediately retrieve all messages in your spam folder:

    Step 1: Go to
    Step 2: Enter your email-address and hit Submit

    Within minutes you will receive an email report listing all messages currently quarantined in your spam folder.
    Edit/Delete Message
Q. How do I backup my email?
  • All major email clients offer built-in backup capabilities, letting you store a copy of your emails offline and even burn your emails to a CD.
    If you use IMAP protocol to access your email as per our recommendations, note that your email is stored on SoftwareProjects server and automatically backed up three times every day.
    In the event of losing an important email or losing your entire mailbox, SoftwareProjects has the ability of restoring your emails from backup for you, up to 60 days in the past.
    If you're interested in restoring your emails, please contact us . Note: There is a $100 one-time retrieval fee.

Dawn Rossi, 12-08-2008
If you try to delete an IMAP mail folder and it fails you typically get an error message such as: "The current command did not succeed. The mail server responded: RENAME failed: Can't create mailbox [folder name]: File Exists.".

There are several things you can try:

  • Go to "Tools -> Account Settings -> Server Settings" and change the option for "When I delete a message" to "Remove it immediately." Try again.

  • Some mail servers may prevent you from deleting or renaming subscribed folders if you are configured to move deleted messages to the Trash folder. Try unsubscribing your Trash folder. Right click on the remote inbox, select "Subscribe", expand the folder listing, uncheck the Trash folder and press the OK button. If this works then you should either leave the Trash folder unsubscribed or change what Thunderbird does in "When I delete a message"

  • Your mailbox might be almost full, so there is no room to copy the deleted folder to the Trash folder. Compact the folders, empty the Trash folder, compact the Trash folder, and then try again.

  • Is the folder empty? Its possible either Thunderbird or your email provider is recreating it when you restart Thunderbird because its a required folder. See if you can tell Thunderbird to use a different folder (or a folder in a different account) using "Tools -> Account Settings -> Copies & Folders".

  • If you get a "Some of the requested messages no longer exist " error message it might be due to a cache on the IMAP server. [2] Log into your webmail account using a browser and see if there is anything like a "imap-cache" folder. If so, delete its contents but do not delete the folder.

  • Is it a offline folder specified in Tools -> Account Settings -> Offline & Disk Space? If so, remove the folder from that list and try again. It shouldn't have any impact until you synchronize the folders but it can be tricky configuring the behavior of offline folders.

  • Log into webmail using a browser and delete the folder.
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