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Video: Help desk & Customer Manager

Rhonda W, 02-21-2007
SoftwareProjects Customer Manager is a customer relationship management solution that helps companies store all information relating to an individual customer (Billing, Orders, Transactions, Support tickets, Call log etc.) under a single screen with a user friendly interface.

To access the customer manager -

1. Log into your Software Projects account.
2. Look under the Customer Manager box, on the "My Account" page.
3. Locate the customer manager you want to access (you can have more than one to identify different businesses or divisions within your company), and click on the link.
4. Once in the customer manager, to lookup a customer - type the customer's name, email address, or order number into the search box.
5. The customer that matches the information, you have put into the search box, will be in the list.
6. Click on the customer's name, this will open the customer information page.
7. Now you can access customer's address, phone number, credit card information, orders, transactions, call log - from a single page.

SoftwareProjects Help Desk is an email management solution, designed to manage customer support, sales tickets or maintenance tickets, sent by customers & vendors. The help desk supports an unlimited number of customers, messages and escalation points. SLA response time is automatically tracked as well as individual agent activity.


This 8 minute video is a showcase of SoftwareProjects Help Desk and Customer Manager products in a typical implementation:

Topics covered:
* How to lookup a customer
* Viewing tickets (incoming emails) from customers and resolving tickets (submitting a reply)
* Integrated order-lookup with every ticket
* Escalation

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