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Get Image List rand image display

Code Wizard, 12-30-2006

This function will take a random image from a directory and display it in your webpage. It can be modified to do many other useful things and list various other file types besides just images. Easily configurable and very easy to setup.

This is being updated, have learned quite a bit since making. Will keep you posted :

philip olson :


function Get_Image_list($dir) {
if(!$dir) {
$dir = ".";
$file_array = array();
$dir_handle = opendir($dir);
$a = 0;
while($file = readdir($dir_handle)) {
if((preg_match('/jpg/',$file)) || // can add more here
(preg_match('/png/',$file)) || // or take some away
(preg_match('/gif/',$file)) ||
(preg_match('/jpeg/',$file))) {

$file_array[$a] = $file;

return $file_array;

$files = Get_Image_list($dir);

$max = count($files)-1;
$index = rand(0,$max);
$image_name = $files[$index];


Display Image :
filename : display.php

$dir = "images/"; // where your images are
include "";

<img border=0 alt="random image" src="<? echo "$dir/$image_name";?>">
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