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How to add a new Virtual Host using CPanel

Dawn Rossi, 10-17-2008
CPanel is a popular server control panel that allows you to manage email accounts, virtual hosts, ftp settings and just about every feature of your server.

As part of this video tutorial, I will walk you through the process of setting up a new virtual host account using CPanel.

A virtual host is a domain that maps to a unique folder on your server. It's a way to run dozens of websites on a single server machine.

Setup Domain name

Before you can setup a new virtual host, you'll have to make sure the domain points to your server machine. You can do this by clicking on the Windows 'Start' button, then select Run and type: Cmd followed by enter.

Type ping DOMAIN.COM followed by enter and record the ip-address that is displayed.

If this ip-address doesn't match your server ip, login to your domain registrar and update the domain ip-address so that it points to your server machine. Note: Whenever making domain-name changes, you typically have to wait 2-24 hours for changes to propagate.

Create Virtual Host & Upload files via FTP

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