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Yahoo messenger status

Code Wizard, 12-30-2006

This will echo on your webpage whether your Yahoo messenger status is online or offline. Its a bit messy, but you get the general idea :)

I seen lots of ICQ ones, but no Yahoo ones. So here it is.

You could change the $online/$offline to point to graphics, and I guess you could link it to a form so that anyone can put in any Yahoo ID and see the status via your page...


// Check page to see if on/off line:
$opener = "";

// Yahoo ID:
$id = "YOUR_YAHOO_ID";

// offline:
$offline="$id is presently offline";

// online:
$online="$id is presently online";

// start:

$file = fopen("$opener"."$id", "r");
$read = fread($file, 200);

$read = ereg_replace($id, "", $read);

if ($y = strstr ($read, "NOT")) {
$x = "$offline";
elseif ($y = strstr ($read, "ONLINE")) {
$x = "$online";

// print status
echo ("$x");

// close file

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