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Extended Credit Capabilities with your Payment Gateway

Mike Peters, 02-12-2007
If you've recently switched payment gateways or merchant accounts, you'll have to signup for Extended Credit Capabilities with your payment gateway.

Extended Credit Capabilities allow you to process refunds for customers where the original transaction either originated on a different gateway or is too old to refund using the "standard" service level.

Hopefully, you're not going to need to issue too many refunds, however if you did switch gateways, enabling extended credit capabilities is a worthwhile step. It's free, takes less than 10 minutes to setup and would ensure your business doesn't suffer chargebacks when promised refunds are not getting processed for your customers.

The extended credit is a feature of your Payment gateway.

Here's how to enable it -

If you're using as your payment gateway, complete the extended credit capabilities form and fax it to: 1-801-818-3312

If you're using LinkPoint, have your store number and password ready and call 1-888-477-3611. Hit option 1 for technical support, then tell the representative you would like to enable the credit feature. The representative will verify some information with you over the phone and get this feature enabled for you.
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