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How to: Be an Internet Marketing Millionaire

Adrian Singer, 04-29-2008
I was chatting with one of our Information Marketing customers who is continually exceeding $1,000,000 in sales every month, month after month.

This guy launched his online business a short three years ago and is already averaging $14 Million in annual sales, with a goal to double that in two years.

Sales are clearing through the SoftwareProjects Shopping Cart system, so I know for a fact this guy is for a real.

I asked him point blanc - "What's your secret to this amazing success?"

The answer Mr. S gave me is so simple yet very profound.

You may not get it the first time, so read through a few times until it sinks in:

hehehe, I get this question all the time... Probably going to do a teleseminar about this.

Wanna know the short answer?

The reason so many IM people fail utterly or do okay but then hit a glass ceiling with their income, is because they're all focused on making money.

Short term capital gains.

It's the old - if I can get one million people to give me one dollar, I'll be a millionaire. Well guess what, it doesn't work like that.

The secret is this -

Instead of focusing on getting one million people to give you one dollar, focus on delivering one hundred dollars of perceived value to ten thousand people.

That's my secret.

If people do this they will be unstoppable.


And there you have it.

A golden piece of advice from a true Internet Marketing Millionaire, that probably applies to any business and any industry out there.
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