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My impressions from a Sales Seminar

Rhonda W, 07-19-2007
I had the great opportunity to attend a sales seminar yesterday at my local Chamber of Commerce. I wanted to share a few things I learned.

It was a very informative session. Some of the stuff I heard before, but it was not fresh on my mind. Other things were new to me and simple to apply. Below I have put together the 2 key sections that made the most impact on me and are practices that I am going to apply to my own selling.

The 4 reasons Sales people miss their quotas:

1.They are not calling the right prospects.

You have to make sure you are contacting leads that really need your service. Make sure you have a product that they can really use. Sit down and write out all the uses of your product and with the list of prospects make sure this is something they can use. If not, then you are wasting your time, because you really can not sell ice to an Eskimo.

You need to also list at least 3 ways they can use your product, before making the call to them.

2.They do not appear trustworthy to the prospect.

You need to build rapport with the prospect. You can throw out some names of other companies that have bought from you and let them know of the success they have had. Make sure you know what you're selling and how it works. If you don't know how to answer the prospects questions and need to ask someone else or get back to then, then they are not going to trust that you are very knowledgeable. Another way to appeal to them is to know their completion and let them know how you help them stand out from the completion. They will trust your intentions to help them grow their business, which is what all companies what to do.

3.They don't make the prospect like them.

You have to make the prospect like you; no one will buy from someone they don't like. This includes more then just being polite to them; you need to let them know that you really care about them and their success with your product. Let them know you can relate to them in some way. You need to build a bond with them. Tell a short story of your own that puts you in their shoes, or relate on a personal note with them on something.

4.They don't let them know they can afford the product.

You have to be sure you let them know they can afford the product and how they can not afford to be without the product. Show them how they will save money with the product. Everyone likes to save money, and in business this is very important. They want to know that with this product they will save money and get better results then what they are currently getting. To really know how you can save them money, you will have to be quite and listen to what their needs are first and what it is they are looking to achieve.

What you're not doing that's killing your closing ratios

The first item that was discussed, was the old term, "ask for the sale" everyone knows that, if you have been selling very long.

After you have asked for the sale, then the most important thing to do is to SHUT UP. You no longer need to try and sell the product. You answer their questions, and then let them speak. Overselling the product will kill you every time. You have to let the prospect answer. We all have the human nature to speak when a conversation stops and everyone is quiet, but a quite prospect is not always bad, they are just thinking, so you don't want to interrupt that by giving them even more information they are going to have to think about.

You also have to know how to pick up on the terms that prospects use when they are ready to close, you have already sold them.

Below are some of the questions that let you know a customer is ready to buy:

1.How quickly can we get this going?
2.How long before you can deliver this product or service to me?
3.How much do I have to pay to get started with your service or to take ownership of this product?
4.Do you offer any type of guarantee or warranty?
5.What type of results can I expect with this product or service?

Overall it was a great time of learning. I hope if anyone has the opportunity to visit their local Chamber of Commerce for an event like this, that you will take the time to go. I met a lot of great people and made a few contacts that I will be speaking to in the near future, and most of all I learned a lot.
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