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New Product Launch Checklist

Dawn Rossi, 07-28-2008
Are you launching a new Product?

Old product with a new sales sequence?

Or maybe you've just made "a few minor" changes to your landing page?

Whatever the case may be, whenever you make any changes to your optin pages, landing pages, checkout pages or sales process, it is absolutely critical that you take the time to re-test everything!

The 5 extra minutes you put in to re-testing your entire process start to finish, can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales.

It doesn't matter how minor you think the change you've just uploaded is. A simple syntax error can be devastating to your bottom line.

For best results, have the person that goes through the test cycle, sign his/her name next to each item. Sounds silly? Trust me - it works.

And so, without further ado, I present to you -

The New Product Launch Checklist

(Print this checklist and follow it to a tee for best results)

Part 1: Display

1.1. Landing page displays properly on all browsers (For advanced users: Verify with

Signature: ___________________

1.2. Landing page loads in 15 seconds or less (For advanced users: Install YSlow plugin for FireFox and verify performance grade of D or better)

Signature: ___________________

1.3. Landing page and first step of your process work properly when both cookies and Javascript are turned off. If you absolutely require cookies/Javascript, write a simple script to detect that and tell your end user -exactly- what they have to do, in order to enable cookies/Javascript.

Signature: ___________________

1.4. Landing page call to action is displayed above the fold (without having to scroll down)

Signature: ___________________

Part 2: Functionality

2.1. If there's an opt-in form, verify opt-in works properly: (a) capturing user information into the database (b) under the appropriate affiliate and (c) sending an email to the user if that is part of the process.

Signature: ___________________

2.2. Place a test order using a new email address and a test credit card (your shopping cart should provide you with a test credit card number). Verify the page sequence flows and customer is redirected to thank you page at the end of the process, followed by a download link or fulfillment instructions.

Signature: ___________________

2.3. Place a test order using the same email address again. Verify shopping cart picks up that this is a duplicate order.

Signature: ___________________

2.4. Place a real live order using your credit card. Verify (a) customer credit card charged (b) new order record created (c) affiliate commission credited (d) email confirmation goes out to customer

Signature: ___________________

2.5. Verify new customers are added to the proper autoresponder and receive the first autoresponder message.

Signature: ___________________

Part 3: Tracking

3.1. Verify your tracking system is recording hits to the landing page

Signature: ___________________

3.2. Verify your tracking system is recording new sales

Signature: ___________________

3.3. Verify your tracking system is recording affiliate commissions

Signature: ___________________

3.4. Verify your tracking system is recording lead signups

Signature: ___________________

Part 4: Fulfillment

4.1. Verify order confirmation email contains a link with all the information your customer needs to access the product or a tracking link if this sale involves physical fulfillment

Signature: ___________________

4.2. Verify customer can login to the customer's back office and view information about the purchased products.

Signature: ___________________
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