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Thank you TechCrunch!

Kate Richards, 05-21-2009
TechCrunch, the Startup & Technology News blog we all love, organized a free screening of StarTrek tonight in Tel Aviv, Israel.


The event was a huge success! We had a full-house and yet everything was perfectly organized, movie started right on time and we had a blast.

Attending the screening were lots of local webcelebrities.

We spotted -

* Orli Yakuel, Web 2.0 expert
* Ayelet Noff, Blonde 2.0
* Jonas Weil, Serial Investor
* Felix Leshno, Super affiliate
* Andrey Shirben, Partner Kenshoo
* Itay Paz, Founder Affilicon
* Liran Brenner, CTO WhiteSmoke
* Yosi Taguri & Lior Zoref, Microsoft


A big thank you also goes out to the sponsors of the event - our friends at Kenshoo, MetaCafe and Conduit.

We'd love to sponsor the next one!

Smith, 04-25-2017
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