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What is this all about?

Mike Peters, 12-26-2006
SoftwareProjects Forums are a set of articles, commentary, tips and reports coverting Internet Marketing and Web Development.
With clients raning from a small hair-dresser thru a $300M real estate business, all looking to utilize the Internet to sell more online, we wanted to put together a resource that everyone could benefit from.

SoftwareProjects Forums are maintained by a group of Internet Consultants, moderating all posts, only publishing those containing valid information proven to work in the real world.

Topics covered include:
* Email Marketing
* Pay Per Click (PPC)
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
* Web Development
* Landing Page design
* Conversion
* Traffic Generation
and other Internet Marketing services.

If you have a question about growing your business online, please contact us. We'll gladly respond to any question and post the response here if it's note worthy.

To learn more about SoftwareProjects Platform and how it can help you manage every aspect of your online business - click here, 02-18-2007
Thanks for a great site! I love it. Lots of information for newbies and experienced marketers as well
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