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PPC Management Console

Dawn Rossi, 02-18-2008
SoftwareProjects PPC Management Console lets you monitor clicks, conversions, sales, cost, ROI and EPC all in real-time.

Software Projects is a Google qualified company, managing $50MM in PPC budgets. We rely on this tool heavily with all client campaigns.

While Google AdWords and the other PPC engines, offer decent built-in stats, there are some limitations:

* No real time tracking (Conversions tracking is delayed 24 hours)
* No sales volume tracking (and no ROI, ROAS)
* Limited keyword-level tracking

SoftwareProjects PPC Management Console solves this with an easy to read interface delivering granular keyword-level real time ROI tracking, so that you can optimize every single keyword towards profit and get rid of it if it's constantly losing money.

Synchronizing your PPC account with the PPC Management Console

Before you get started, you'll have to synchronize your PPC account with the PPC Management Console.

Unlike other PPC tracking tools, our PPC Management Console integrates with all major PPC engines on the API (Application Programming Interface) level, so that after setting everything up, you don't have to manually export stats from the PPC engine. All stats are tracked and displayed in real time.

Login to your SoftwareProjects account, add the PPC Console service (you can get a 15 day trial here) and click on the 'Setup PPC Account' link.

Enter your PPC account email-address, password and ID. You will also have to signup for an API account with the PPC engines and enter your developer and application tokens:

Once you synchronize your PPC account, here's what's going to happen -

1. All keywords will be set with a new destination URL that allows tracking PPC clicks and spend in real-time. The new destination URLs will all follow this format:

The click will be tracked and the user immediately forwarded to your designated landing page. In the case above the destination landing page is

2. Per every keyword, all three combinations of broad-match, phrase-match and exact-match will be created, unless already present in your account.

For example, if you have the keyword: widgets
The system will create: "widgets" and [widgets]

Having all three variations per every single keyword, allows for more granular tracking.

3. Every keyword will be set with a specific Max CPC setting. If you already have one specified it will remain untouched, otherwise the system will copy the Adgroup Max CPC and set it on the keyword level.

This step facilitates rule based bidding that you may use later on.

Activating real-time Conversions and ROI tracking

To activate real-time conversions tracking, that allows net-profit and ROI display, you will have to do two things -

1. Add the script below to every page of your website / landing page, where users will land after clicking on your PPC ads.

<script src="">

Replace 1234 with the ID of your PPC console service and replace 999 with your SoftwareProjects account ID.

If you have a footer include file, you can add this script once to your footer file.

2. Add the script below to the thank-you page displayed to users after they successfully place an order on your website.

<script src="">

Replace 1234 with the ID of your PPC console service and replace 999 with your SoftwareProjects account ID. Replace the 1.0 conversion amount with the order total.

If you're doing affiliate marketing, sending traffic to a third-party merchant site, you are not going to have access to the thank-you page. In this case you'll have to periodically import conversion stats from the various affiliate networks into the system. I will post more about how to do this in another post.
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