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Beginner's Guide to SEO Link Building

Tyler Banfield, 07-18-2007
Once your web site is fully designed and populated with content, it is time to start securing inbound links for your web site. Quality inbound links are one of the most important factors for ranking well in the major search engines. The purpose of this article is to show you step-by-step how to run a successful link building campaign.

Researching Related Web Sites

1. Before you begin searching for related web sites, I recommend installing Aaron Wall's SEO for Firefox plug-in.

2. After you have installed the plug-in, make a list of keywords related to your web site.

3. Once your list is complete, you should use Google to search for the first keyword in your list. The quickest way to narrow down your results is to click on each site and see if they have a way to contact the owner. If they do have one, bookmark or write down the URL of that site. If they don't, move on to the next site. Although I usually look at the first 30 results (3 pages), you can look at as many or as few as your time allows you to.

4. Once you have repeated Step 3 for all the keywords in your list, you will have a set of potential web sites that you can contact (you should scan through them and make sure that you haven't added the same web site more than once).

When you are conducting this research, you can also use the SEO for Firefox plug-in to view the back links to these web sites. This is an effective way to identify sources for links that are specific to your niche.

Contacting Related Web Sites

1. Now that you have a list of contactable related web sites, it is time to start getting in touch with them. Although there are software programs which can send automated link requests, you will be much more successful (and have a better chance of receiving quality links) by sending your emails manually.

2. Visit the first web site on the list that you created above and find a page that would be useful to your visitors.

3. Once you have identified the page, find the page that is most relevant to it on your web site and add a link.

4. After you have added the link, find the page on your web site that you would like the other web site to link to.

5. Now, figure out which page on their web site is most relevant to the page you selected in step four.

6. Once you have picked out the last two pages, it's time to send the web master an email. Here's a sample of what a quality link request looks like:

Subject: Great Article About (Insert the Subject of the Article You Linked To)

Message: I found the article you wrote at (insert URL you linked to) and liked it so much that I linked to it from my site at (insert URL where you put the link). I was also reading (insert URL you want them to link from) and thought your visitors might want to read more about that topic at (insert URL you want them to link to).

7. In general, I wait approximately two months for a response. After that, I check the web site once, and if my link was never added, I remove the link that I added for them.

8. Although this is a quick process, it can help your search engine rankings immensely. If you can take five minutes each day to send out one email, chances are you will be pleasantly surprised at how many new links you have after just a month.

Forum Posting

1. Most forums allow you to have at least one live link as a signature on each post you make. If you are posting in forums related to your web site, you will be able to gain back links and direct traffic.

2. Although you may have found some forums when you were Researching Related Web Sites, you can usually find additional forums by performing a Google search with (Insert Your Keyword) Forum

3. Before you sign-up for any forum, be sure to confirm that it actually allows live signature links. Some forums require you to make a certain number of posts before you are able to add a live URL to your signature, but as long as it is fifty or less posts, it is still worth your time to go through this process.

4. If the forum allows it, use descriptive, keyword anchor text for your link instead of just adding the URL.

5. Even though it may be tempting, do not make low quality posts to increase your post count. If you take the time to contribute valuable information to discussions, you will gain the respect of the forum and generate more traffic from people visiting your web site via your signature.

6. Another way to gain links from forums is to make a post with a link to your web site in the Reviews section of webmaster forums and ask other people what they think of your web site. Not only will you gain a link, but you will probably also get some valuable feedback!

Blog Comments

1. When you comment on a blog, you can gain a free, targeted link back to your web site. There are two categories of blogs that you be commenting on: blogs related to the subject of your web site (although they will almost all have NoFollow implemented, recent studies show that the links still carry some weight) and blogs that are using DoFollow.

2. Before you start searching for blogs, you need to setup a feed reader so that you can add the blogs that meet your criteria to it. If you are already using a feed reader, simply create a new folder or section for the latest blogs you will be adding. If you aren't using a feed reader yet, I recommend using Google Reader. All you have to do is log into your Google account and you will be able to add the blogs you find (A feed reader is much more efficient than trying to check the blogs for yourself because you won't have to waste time visiting a blog to see if it has been updated or not).

3. To find blogs that are related to your web site, you can use search tools like Technorati, Google Blog Search and IceRocket.

4. To find blogs that have DoFollow implemented, you can start with the DoFollow community at Bumpzee. If you desire more DoFollow blogs, you can conduct a search using Google.

5. Once you have finished searching and added all the blogs you want, you should create a list of five to twenty-five keywords or keyword phrases that relate to your web site and match them with the URLs (either homepage or deep link) you wish to use. You will use these as your signature when you create posts (having a variety of anchor text and URLs will maximize the effectiveness of the commenting you do).

6. Now you're ready to open your feed reader and start commenting on posts. Before you leave a comment on any post, make sure you have read the post and have something useful to contribute in the comment section. In addition to not leaving spammy comments (ex. "Hey" "Nice blog!"), unless it is extremely relevant to the post you read, you should not include an external link within the body of your comment (instead, stick to using the Name and URL blanks provided). Not only putting an external link in the body of your comment get your comment flagged for moderation, but if the blog owner feels you are trying to spam them, they can easily block you from posting future comments.

7. You should create a schedule for yourself about when you are going to post comments. Whether you want to do five a day or ten every three days, the key is maintaining consistency by creating a realistic schedule and making yourself stick to it.

Social Voting Web Sites

1. If you want to generate a large amount of traffic, the first thing you need to do is write a great piece of content (aka link bait). As outlined in this link bait post, there are five keys to creating a piece of content that will rise to the top of social voting web sites:

-Create a title that will catch people's attention
-Your piece of content should be a list or step-by-step guide
-Writing about something timely will give you an extra edge
-People like controversy
-Be yourself when you are writing
Bonus Tip: People also love anything that is FREE

2. In the event that your piece of content becomes the internet's next big thing, it's important to ensure that your web site can handle the server load. If you are unsure about whether or not it can, you can keep reading about tips for ensuring that a surge of traffic won't temporarily kill your web site.

3. Once you have written a killer piece of content and ensured that your server is ready for lots of traffic, it's time to submit your content. If you don't already have an account at these social voting web sites, you should create one now:

MySpace News

4. When you are submitting your article at each site, make sure that you follow all the rules (such as submitting it to the correct category).

5. After you have submitted your content, send an email to your online acquaintances and ask them if they could do you a big favor by voting for your submission. Sometimes, a little help from your friends can make the difference in helping your submission get the momentum it needs to find its way to the top.

Creating Profile Pages for Your Web Site

1. Before you start creating profile pages for your web site, you should do the following:

-Create an RSS feed for your web site (this can be easily accomplished using Feedburner. If you don't want to create a feed for your site, you can also: borrow a feed from a neutral authority web site in your field or create a custom feed from multiple sources using Yahoo Pipes.

-Write four to seven paragraphs about the subject(s) covered throughout your web site. Within these paragraphs, include two to four different links with varied anchor text back to your web site.

-Write one to two paragraphs about what you and your web site are all about.

-Visit YouTube and bookmark two to five videos that are related to your web site.

-Upload and bookmark two to five pictures related to your web site at ImageShack.

-Find five books on Amazon that relate to your web site.

2. Once you have gathered the information above, you are ready to start creating profiles for your web site. The following are a collection of web sites where you can create profiles, along with descriptions about that site:

Squidoo: With Squidoo, the more information that you add to your lens, the better it will perform. So, be sure to add everything you've gathered above, from your about me to the RSS feed you selected. Additionally, take time to integrate some of the modules that Squidoo provides, such as the Google Maps Module.

HubPages: HubPages are a simplified version of Squidoo, so all you need to add are the four to seven paragraphs you wrote and a few pictures to keep your page interesting.

MyBlogLog: As long as you have a section on your web site that is updated on a regular basis, you should create a MyBlogLog account. In addition to providing a link and traffic to your blog or web site, MyBlogLog allows supplies you with plenty of useful features and tools.

MySpace: MySpace users like fun profiles, so be sure to add all your pictures and videos in addition to the paragraphs with embedded links. You can use a free tool to create a layout for your profile, and if you want to generate more traffic from your profile, an automatic program to send out MySpace friend requests.

Yahoo 360: Yahoo 360 is very similar to MySpace and the same things hold true: the flashier and more fun your profile is, the better it will be received by the people visiting. Once again, be sure to get your content with links on the page, but also don't be afraid to spice your page up with the use of all the images you uploaded.

3. If you want to create all your profiles in one day, there is no problem with that, but you can also spread the process out by creating a new profile each day or week. Find which schedule works best for you and get to work on it!

Creating a Free Press Release

1. Before you start writing a press release, it is important to ensure that you have something newsworthy to write about. Once you have identified (or created) what you have that is newsworthy, you can start writing your press release.

2. When you start writing your press release, keep the following tips in mind:

-Connect with your audience
-The first ten words of your press release are the most important, so make sure that they are powerful
-Stick to the facts
-The majority of press releases are one to three paragraphs
-Avoid fancy language and excessive adjectives
-Include as much contact information as possible: Web Site URL, Company Name, Individual(s) Name(s), Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Fax Number

3. Once your press release is complete, you can submit it to the following free press release web sites:

4. Additionally, if you choose and have the budget to do so, you can also submit your press release via PRWeb starting at $80. .

ArticleDashboard and EzineArticles

1. Write a 300-500 word article about a topic related to your web site. This can be anything from a opinion piece about a recent event to a how-to guide. The key is making sure that it is relevant to your web site. Make sure that you incorporate the keyword for your topic in the title of the article.

2. Create a free account at ArticleDashboard and EzineArticles.

3. The process for submitting your article is almost the same at each of the two web sites. Once you log into your account and click Submit Article, you can enter the title of your article, choose the category where it belongs, select the name or pen name you want to be displayed with your article, paste your article and create your resource boxes. The resource boxes are how you are able to get links back to your web site. The first resource box allows you to enter a short description and one URL, while the second resource box allows you to enter up to three links with anchor text (remember, you shouldn't just link to your homepage; you can use this opportunity to create deep links to other pages on your web site). Instead of only listing three links, incorporate the links into a simple sentence. This will maximize their search engine weight.

4. To maximize the benefits of article marketing, you should repeat this cycle one to two times per week. Each time you submit an article, make sure that you vary the anchor text and deep link URLs that you add in your resource box.

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