SoftwareProjects Tickets Messaging Service

Last Updated: April 27th, 2017

SoftwareProjects tickets messaging service allows you to view and respond directly to all customer support requests submitted by our customers, including refund requests. This system also gives you the ability to attempt to save a sale.

NOTE – If you have questions about a charge from SoftwareProjects or need technical support, a refund or cancellation for a product you purchased from SoftwareProjects, please lookup your order here for immediate service.

Order Confirmation Emails

SoftwareProjects sends order confirmation and billing reminder emails to all customers. Customers can reply to these emails, lookup their order online using the self-service order lookup tool, or contact SoftwareProjects over the phone.

If the tickets messaging service is enabled for your account, the actions described above will result in a ticket showing up under your account's Tickets tab. You will also receive an "open ticket" notification email.

Clicking on the "Tickets" button inside your account, will display a list of all open tickets that you need to respond to.

When you use the ticket system to reply to the open ticket, the reply will be delivered to the customer. The customer can reply to you or resolve the ticket if the issue was handled to the customer's satisfaction.

Refund Requests

Customers can request a cancelation for a recurring product at any time and can request a refund during the 60 days after placing an order with SoftwareProjects.

The tickets messaging service gives you the ability to attempt to save a sale. When a customer requests a refund or a cancelation, a ticket will be created, providing you with an opportunity to attempt to save the sale by offering assistance to help the customer utilize the product or service.

If the customer is satisfied with the assistance, the ticket may be resolved and the refund request canceled.

While you have the ability to mark a ticket as resolved, you may only do so with the customer's permission. Any ticket that has been resolved may be escalated to SoftwareProjects for review. If you abuse the system, SoftwareProjects may disable the tickets messaging service for your account.

Response Times

Our research shows that customers expect to receive a response within 12 hours or sooner. Failure to respond to a customer's question in a timely manner, is likely to cause the customer to get concerned and in some cases, initiate a chargeback with their financial institution.

SoftwareProjects was founded on the principle of delivering instant response times to everyone who interacts with us. This is deeply engraved into our DNA and a key driver in our growth.

If the tickets messaging service is enabled for your account and you fail to respond to a customer's ticket within 12 hours, the ticket will be automatically escalated to SoftwareProjects customer support team, where our agents will take over and respond to the customer on your behalf, doing whatever it takes to resolve the customer's issue to their complete satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enable the tickets messaging service for my account?

If you have an in-house customer support team who can commit to responding to all tickets within 12 hours or sooner, please contact your SoftwareProjects account manager and provide the contact details of your support agents whom you'd like to have access to the tickets system.

SoftwareProjects will closely monitor your response times, automatically escalating tickets that are not responded to within 12 hours, to SoftwareProjects customer support staff. Repeated failure to respond to customers in a timely manner, may result in the tickets messaging service being disabled for your account.

Can I have customers contact me for refund requests, instead of contacting SoftwareProjects?

You can provide customers with a customer service email address, phone number, or site, and manage their requests.

However, these methods are in addition to SoftwareProjects's customer service department, not a replacement for it. Customers can always contact us directly for refund requests or technical issues.