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Can't Find on Google?

Tyler Banfield, 09-06-2007
As an internet marketer, chances are you are already aware of the many tools that are designed for the sole purpose of helping internet marketers find new niches to build blogs or web sites around. Some of these tools are free, while others require a one-time or monthly payment.

Although there are many great tools for internet marketers to choose from, there are other ways for internet marketers to discover new, untapped niches. By using methods other than tools that are marketed directly to internet marketers, you can find niches that are not being shown to the thousands of other internet marketers using the mainstream tools.

A great example of finding other ways to discover new niches is Can't Find on Google.


The sole purpose of Can't Find on Google is to give people a place to share information that they were unable to find when they were using Google. The web site allows anyone to post what they were searching for, the search terms they used and any comments about their experiences while searching through Google. Once their post is made, people can respond and help them find what they are looking for (if it actually exists anywhere on the internet).

Even though this web site was designed for the average Joe, it can be a goldmine for any internet marketer when used properly. Obviously, if someone can't find what they are looking for when they type in specific search phrases, there is a niche that not only has no optimized web sites, but also has people that are interested in it.

As the web site owner discusses in the About Us section, as the web site has grown in popularity, it has been the target of an increasing amount of spam and junk. Although you will have to wade through a fair amount of junk on the web site, if you take the time to look, I guarantee you can find at least one new niche to build a blog or web site around. Personally, I spent less than ten minutes reading through the posts on the site, and within that time period, I was able to find three niches that I could easily build a web site around.
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