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Clean Web Design: Vital to Converting Your Visitors

Tyler Banfield, 05-16-2007
Converting traffic to your web site into actual customers requires many different things. Although most people are aware of the importance of using persuasive copy on your web site to convert visitors, many web site owners forget how much influence the design of a web site can have on visitors. If you want to ensure that you aren't losing potential customers because of a poor web design, here are four tips you need to take to heart:

Embrace Whitespace: A popular misconception is that a well-designed web site should have elements taking up every inch of the screen. Unfortunately, this could not be farther from the truth. Using whitespace is one of the best ways to force your visitors eyes to the area of your page that matters (normally the content). If you have ever looked at other people's successful landing pages, you will notice that most of them are centered, with whitespace on both sides. This ensures that visitors focus on the content and do not get distracted by excess elements.

Keep Your Background Basic: One of the fastest ways to keep your visitors from converting is to have a background that is: too busy and distracting, and/or makes it difficult for people to read your content. Always stick with colors and textures that are calm and subtle. Under almost all circumstances, you should use a lighter color for your background and a darker color for your content. Doing the reverse will make it nearly impossible for people with any kind of sight impairment to read the content of your web page.

Your Traffic Shouldn't Have to Think: When it comes to creating navigation for a web site, the simpler you make it, the better. Your menu should be placed in an area that is very easy for your visitors to find. Additionally, the organization of your navigation structure should be simple enough for even the most inexperienced internet user to understand.

Images are Good (in Moderation): However, when you start using excessive amounts of images, you have created a problem. Not only will you overwhelm your visitors and ensure that they are extremely distracted, but you will also cause many of them to leave your web site because of an extremely slow load time. Remember, unless you are creating a photography or thumbnail web site, the images you use should compliment your written web site content (and not the other way around).
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