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How to create a Commission Junction Deep Link

Adrian Singer, 06-08-2009
The Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Network, makes it easy to create product deep-links, allowing you to link to an individual page within a merchant's domain.

When logged in to your CJ account, click on 'Get Links', 'By Relationship', then select the advertiser from the link and click on 'Get HTML'


In the screen that opens up, by default CJ populates the Destination URL with the one provided by the advertiser. You can change that to any URL you want (as long as it's on the advertiser's domain)


If you're building the link programatically, you can use this format:

Replace PID with the publisher ID (usually starts with 2)
Replace AID with the ad ID (usually starts with 1, a longer number)
Replace MYURL with the URL you want to redirect the end-user to (be sure to URLEncode it)

razvan, 06-11-2009
great post, thanks for sharing this info...just one question: what would you use for URLencoding ?


local guy, 09-12-2009
@rasvan - link below has a urlencode tool (replace xx w/ tt) wasn't sure if it would get flagged


Presingu Raju, 10-05-2009
wonder full site of the advertisement industry

Stephenie Meyer Books, 04-01-2010
Great method, but it seems it all boils down to finding that link that actually HAS a Destination URL field.

It seems CJ didn't think it wise to suggest a common name for them, for the publishers to use, so we can later find them :)

Ian, 04-07-2010
Thank you, I was starting to get annoyed looking for a simpler way to do this!

mr X, 07-30-2010
I had already figured this one out, good post though! The ultimate questions is; you have to have an AID generated before you post your link onto your site. Does anyone know how to create AID's through the site, webservice, or restAPI??

Does anyone know how to fetch an existing AID through a webservice or restAPI?? For ie: WebService.GetAdID(merchantID, linkType);

I have scoured the documenation and cannot find a way to do so. Not sure if anyone has found a workaround to accomplish this.

Trish, 12-23-2010
THANK YOU! I've been searching all over on how to do this. I can't believe CJ doesn't already have a dedicated custom link generator. But, at least this is a reasonable workaround.

Reef Aquarium, 06-06-2011
Finally, I found the solution to my problem. I really thought that Commission Junction is confined within the links the Advertiser provided.

Thanks a lot!!!

irfan, 08-08-2011
Kindly teach me, what are impressions, and how to creat links for leaving impressions.

Reef Aquarium, 09-05-2011
Thanks a lot man! This tutorial is what I need to get ahead of Commission Junction.

Lynn, 10-08-2011
Adrian, in my current campaign 3 of 4 advertisers link areas display the "Destination URL" box and will allow me to create custom links. However, the 4th advertisers link screen does not display the "Destination URL". It shows the "SID" box and then the "Update URL" button.
Is this something the advertiser can turn on or off?

twig, 10-19-2013
Thanks, very helpful!
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