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Integrating automated Outbound Phone calls into your signup forms - with VoiceShot

Dawn Rossi, 09-25-2008
Looking to increase your conversion rates and automate your sales cycle?

Imagine this -

New prospect visits your website and fills up a "more info" form. 10 minutes later the prospect receives an automated phone call with information about your offer and a strong call to action.

Or how about -

You're releasing a new product. All currently registered customers and leads receive an automated phone call with information about where they can purchase the new product.

These days, integrating automated outbound phone calls can be done in less than an hour, paying pennies on the dollar for delivery.

We've tested a few different companies and like VoiceShot the best. VoiceShot charges $0.12 per successful call and offers a simple API to create outbound campaigns, SMS broadcasts and text to speech phone alerts (i.e. "Website is down", "Your package is scheduled for delivery on Monday").

Setup is a snap.

Step 1:

Signup for an account with VoiceShot at

Step 2:

Login to your VoiceShot account and follow the instructions to record a voice message for your new campaign.

Record the unique Menu-ID that identifies your campaign

Step 3:

Identify the point-in-time you'd like to initiate the outbound phone calls. For example - on your signup forms.

Then issue a single curl call to VoiceShot with this xml:

<campaign menuid="1-1234" action="0">
phonenumber number="8185550100" />

Set the menuid to your campaign unique Menu-ID from the VoiceShot system and set the phone number to the number submitted by the lead.

The response from VoiceShot will look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<campaign errorid="0" comment="ok" />

Dawn Rossi, 09-25-2008
Update: VoiceShot is running a promo right now where they are giving away the first 200 calls for free.

Great way to test drive the service and see what it can do to your conversion rates.

My Voice Dialing, 08-02-2010
Thanks for posting the html for this. I was looking for a way to integrate this on my website :) There are just so many programs like this one that I want to make sure I'm adding the right thing...

Call Loop - SMS Marketing, 06-29-2013
This seems a bit old. Have you considered integrating Call Loop into software projects?
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