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Make Video Ads that Convert into Sales

Tyler Banfield, 06-22-2007
The relationship between video and the internet has been steadily growing over the past few years. As more and more internet users switch to high-speed internet connections, internet video becomes accessible to a larger audience. In addition to popular video web sites like YouTube, another major use of internet video is advertising. Although it has not been used as much in the past, internet video advertising is growing and will continue to rapidly expand over the next few years (as evidenced by Google's inclusion of video into their AdSense program).


Personally, I'm a huge fan of this move. Internet video picks up where television advertising generally misses out: you can show your video advertisements to a much more targeted audience. When properly planned and created, video advertisements have the potential to convert extremely well. In order to get maximize the conversion rate that your video ads deliver, here are three tips that you should always keep in mind when working with video as an advertising medium:

-Research has shown that the majority of purchases made by consumers are based on emotion. However, many inexperienced advertisers create their advertisements under the false impression that more consumers make their purchases based on objective rationale. The great thing about video is that you can really connect with potential customers on an emotional level. By using a character in your ad that they can directly relate to, you can ensure that the people viewing your ad will be fully attached to your product.

-Along the same lines, if you can take anything from what large-scale advertisers that spend billions of dollars have learned, it should be this:

There are two ways to persuade an audience: tap into their existing belief system or change their existing belief system, a much harder challenge, but not impossible if you understand what makes people believe what they believe.

As you can see again by this quote, the key to creating truly effective video ads is knowing who your target audience is and how to properly communicate with them.

-Finally, don't forget that the entire goal of any advertising is to motivate and persuade your target audience. Whether you are writing PPC ads or creating a video campaign for network television, you need to grab your audience and make them do exactly what you want. As previously touched on, internet video ads are becoming so popular because when executed properly, they are extremely effective in achieving these two goals!
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