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How to: Download files from ftp server recursively

Dawn Rossi, 02-27-2009
Need to move files between two servers? No need to download to your local machine first. You can use ncftpget to recursively download all files from a remote server.

Use as follows:

$ ncftpget -R -v -u "ftpuser" /home/backup /www-data


* -R : Copy all subdirectories and files (recursive)
* -v : Verbose i.e. display download activity and progess
* -u "USERNAME" : FTP server username, if skipped ncftpget will try anonymous username
* : Ftp server name
* /home/backup : Download everything to this directory
* /www-data : Remote ftp directory you wish to copy

If you get an error which read as follows:

tar: End of archive volume 1 reached
tar: Sorry, unable to determine archive format.
Could not read directory listing data: Connection reset by peer

Then add -T option to ncftpget command:

$ ncftpget -T -R -v -u "ftpuser" /home/backup /www-data


* -T : Do not try to use TAR mode with Recursive mode
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