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Think Outsourcing = Chasing freelancers from India? Think again!

Mike Peters, 11-12-2008
Chris Carpenter, Joel Comm, Amit Mehta, Tellman Knudson, Anik Singal and Mike Masterson are just some of the Super Affiliates you might recognize, who are bringing home hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, thanks to work and services rendered by third party providers.

The common misconceptions involving outsourcing are

(a) Outsourcing is about paying an offshore freelancer $10/hour to produce low quality work
(b) Outsourcing requires a lot of micro-management
(c) Outsourcing is risky because I will be revealing all my secrets to a company I don't know
(d) Outsourcing is something only big companies use
(e) I have technical skills and have engineers on staff, Outsourcing is not for me.

In reality, none of these arguments hold much merit. Much like PPC is a tool to drive qualified leads to a target website, Outsourcing done right, is a tool that can help you get your ideas to fruition at minimum risk. Successful companies (Microsoft, Sony, HP), Super Affilites and individual Entrepreneurs alike use Outsourcing daily to develop prototypes, clone websites, launch products and test new ideas.

What's the key to it all? Three little letters known as ROI (Return On Investment). If you want to duplicate the success other super affiliates are seeing with outsourcing, your first step is to get over your natural instinct to hustle. Shopping for an Outsourcing partner is not like looking for the best deal on an 8GB iPhone. And it's not like a visit to your local flea market. Not all outsourcing companies are created equal.

Forget about price-per-hour. Use deadline-guarantees, references and specific experience in your target vertical as your metrics when looking for an outsourcing partner. Pick a budget for the project and insist on deadline guarantees with penalties for not meeting the deadline. Look for a company that employs marketing account managers who can take your ideas and work directly with the engineers, so that you don't have to waste your time.

In his book, "The 4-hour Workweek", Thimothy Ferriss shares how he managed to outsource his entire life, using virtual assistants across the globe to send flowers to his wife on their anniversery, remind him to pick up his son from practice etc.

While I don't encourage you to go that far, I do invite you to explore how you can use Outsourcing to effectively employ an army of software engineers, link builders or copywriters, to grow your business for you. Start small but never lose sight of your Outsourcing projects ROI. Outsourcing done right is simply when total revenues exceed outsourcing project investment AND does not require your direct involvement every step of the way.

Working with Super Affiliates, one of the most popular uses of Outsourcing we see is when a Super Affiliate has been working with a particular niche for a long time, gets great results and is now looking to increase his/her profit margins. Using Outsourcing, the Super Affiliate can hire a small team to clone a website or create a standalone product, so that the affiliate becomes a merchant and significantly increases profit margins. This is a great model that is almost always guaranteed to work well, with the right outsourcing partner.

Another popular example is when affiliates look to avoid the mundane tasks of running a website. Content generation, Handling support tickets and maintaining your website are all tasks that you should never ever be wasting your time on.

You'll be getting a much better ROI on your time if you focus on what you do best - Marketing.

Søkemotoroptimalisering, 11-13-2008
well if you think that is bad, than you should think how much SEO work can cost you especially for those who want a SEO friendly forum.
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