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Best day & time to email

Dawn Rossi, 04-07-2008
Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to convert leads to paying customers.

SoftwareProjects is an Email Marketing powerhouse, currently delivering 5 million emails a day on behalf of our clients.

One of the most popular questions we keep getting asked about Email Marketing is:

"What is the best day of week and time of day to email?"

While there is no absolute answer to this question, as you should test your market/list and check what works best, our experience shows that -

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are the best days of the week to email.

On Monday, your email gets caught up with the weekend's junkmail.
On Friday, everyone are thinking about the weekend.

As for time of day -

Business offers work best during early morning (9am to 11am)
Consumer offers work best during late afternoon to evening (5pm to 9pm)
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