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Magnetic Sponsoring giving away an Audi R8

Kate Richards, 03-30-2010
When it comes to Product Launches, we've seen our share of crazy affiliate giveaways over the years...

From vacation packages, gadgets, show tickets, waterboats, to 27" iMacs with the recent ShoeMoney System product launch SPI orchestrated two months ago.

But this one trumps them all.

Our good friends at Magnetic Sponsoring, launched "What's Working Now" yesterday, giving away an Audi R8 as the giveaway prize for their #1 affiliate!

Check out this video:

We're honored to be working with Mike Dillard, Matt Crystal, TJ and the rest of the gang at Magnetic. Pay close attention to what they're doing.

For more information about becoming a "What's Working Now" affiliate go to

You can learn all about the "What's Working Now" product at
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