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Product Launch Marketing: Quickest path to a 6 figure monthly cashflow

Kate Richards, 10-20-2009
A Product Launch is the process of building anticipation and emphasizing scarcity in a hungry market, towards the release of a new product / service, positioned to have the potential to make a significant impact on the target customer's life.

In the Internet Marketing world, Product Launches are powerful marketing vehicles used by Information-Marketers to drive a massive amount of traffic on a specific day ("Launch day"), with the goal of converting the wave of anonymous traffic into qualified leads and then paying customers.

For the past 5 years, SPI has been instrumental in orchestrating some of the largest most-successful product launches online, working with leading information marketers on applying time-tested techniques to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in product revenues.

Some of the recent product launches we handled include ListBuilding, GoogleCashDetective, 7FigurePPCSecrets, LaunchTree, AffiliateClassroom, PPCClassroom, DirectResponseMarketing.

Why does it work

Product Launch Marketing works so well because they build on two fundamental human traits:

#1. Herd Mentality - Follow the leaders
In the weeks building to the launch, opinion leaders and peers within your industry, will all glorify how great this product is going to be and why you absolutely must have it.

#2. Scarcity - Desire to want what we can't have
Using a limited number of units, fixed close date, early-bird discounts, one-time-offers and other tactics, the company will build the impression you must act fast or lose the opportunity to own the product forever.

Examples of great well-planned product launches: The iPhone, "The Secret" DVD, StomperNet 3.0, Gary Vaynerchuk's CrushIt book.

In Numbers

A typical Internet Marketing Product Launch these days, yields $1m (One Million Dollars) on launch day, followed by $200k in monthly residual payments from a continuity program.

It is far easier to convince 2,000 prospects to pay $99 a month, than it is to direct-sell a few large accounts in order to generate the equivalent of $200k in monthly revenues.

1,000 users paying $99 a month = $100k a month
2,000 users paying $50 a month = $100k a month
4,000 users paying $25 a month = $100k a month

50% of the revenues are often paid back to affiliates.
20% is the average three-months drop-out rate.

The SPI Product Launch Program

With the "Product Launch Program", we are now helping dozens of companies in various industries, capitalize on this phenomenal marketing strategy.

The SPI Product Launch Program, is not a how-to tutorial, or an online course.

This program is a joint-venture between you and SPI, whereby our company will work with you, hands-on, on every aspect of your product launch in a joint effort to make it a big success.

What you can expect from SPI, during this process:

* Hands-on consulting
* Introduction to leading information-marketing affiliates
* Access to case studies, analytics and proven tactics, used by leading information marketers
* Access to live front-end and back-office systems, so that you can learn what works best
* Professional services: Landing page design, Hosting, Affiliate system, Payment solutions
* PLR: Videos and mp3 files to complement your member's-only content
* Membership system integration (Wordpress+plugin / aMember / SPI)
* Load testing, to ensure your setup can handle launch-day traffic
* Affiliate emails autoresponder kit
* Corporate address, Call center, Help desk
* Ongoing Software development / website customizations / graphic design

Application Process

Our success over the years has made this service very popular. Committed to maintaining our strong reputation, SPI dedicates a lot of resources to every individual product launch we are involved with.

Unfortunately we cannot blindly accept new clients into this program.

Please contact your account manager (or email us here) for details on how to apply.
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