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The Beginner's Guide to Online Media Buys

Tyler Banfield, 01-09-2008
Media Buy: "The buying of advertising space from a company operating media properties. The cost of a media buy varies depending on the specific media property on which the buyer wants to advertise, the size of the advertising campaign, the specific times at which the advertisements are to be displayed, and other specific features of the advertising campaign."

The term media buys is not new. For many years, media buys have been used to describe the process of purchasing advertising in magazines & newspapers and on the radio and television. Although these are still viable advertising mediums, the internet is by far the hottest commodity in the advertising market, which is why it's important for you to have at the very least a basic understanding of online media buys.


To make things as simple as possible for you, this guide will highlight the three main types of online media buys and break down the companies, pricing & details for each one.

Banners are the most common and well-known type of media buys. Banners (along with the other two types of online media buys) can be priced in one of two ways: CPM or CPA. If you purchase a CPM banner, the amount you pay will be based on the value of every 1,000 views the banner receives. For CPA banners, you only pay when your banner is actually clicked by a visitor (think PPC ads).

Here's a look at some of the most popular companies for purchasing banner advertising, along with some of their sample prices:

1500 of America's most influential blogs
One Week
1 Banner Running Top Right Column
48,467,066 Impressions
CPM = $0.19
One Week
Premium Banner Right Column
1,485,295 Impressions
CPM = $0.94
One Week
1 Banner Top Left Column
869,942 Impressions
CPM = $2.30
One Week
Premium Banner Position
5,168,615 Impressions
CPM = $2.90

Federated Media
Partners with sites that are leaders of influential conversations within their industries, communities and peer groups

6,380,000 page views per month
160x600 (CPM = $14.00)
300x250 (CPM = $20.00)
728x90 (CPM = $20.00)
125x125 (CPM = $7.00)
125x125 (CPM = $10.00)

100,000 page views per month
728x90 (CPM = $20.00)
160x600 (CPM = $20.00)

104,470,000 page views per month
120x600 (CPM = $20.00)
125x125 (CPM = $10.00)
300x250 (CPM = $25.00)
125x125 (CPM = $10.00)

310 blogs and 10 million unique visitors a month

Small Box : CPM = $3.00
Leaderboard : CPM = $5.00
Wide Skyscraper : CPM = $8.00
Medium Rectangle : CPM = $8.00

Gakwer Media
15 of some of the web's best loved publications

300x250 : CPM = $10.00
160x600 : CPM = $10.00
728x90 : CPM = $10.00

Newsletter Sponsorship
In an online world that is dominated by blogs and social media websites, many people are quick to write off email newsletters. However, Mike has stated before that you can't beat the ROI on email marketing, and newsletters are no exception. Newsletters are an excellent way to connect with a tightly focused audience on a more personal level.

Your Online Advertising Marketplace
Average Newsletter CPM : $4.00
Average Newsletter CPM : $5.00
Average Newsletter CPM : $8.00

Scot's Newsletter
Covers operating systems, broadband, do-it-yourself networking and computing issues

48,000 subscribers (currently guaranteeing 44,000 successful deliveries)

Position 1 : $616 : CPM = $14
Position 2 : $572 : CPM = $13
Position 3 : $528 : CPM = $12
Position 4 : $484 : CPM = $11
Position 5 : $440 : CPM = $10

Text Link
We all know that Google doesn't like it when links are purchased with the intention of improving search engine rankings. However, even Google doesn't have a problem with text links being purchased for the sole purpose of advertising. Because text links can be used for legitimate advertising, they can fall into the category of media buys.

Although you won't find any companies that publish their information about text link CPM (which is why there aren't any examples published here), if you are interested in this type of media buy, you can contact almost any of the major banner advertisers listed above and work out a deal. As you probably already knew, the CPM for a text link is usually going to be lower than the CPM for other media buys.

Double Din Navigation, 01-05-2010
where i can find the advertisers for 125X125 button with decent CPM
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