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Tyler Banfield, 01-10-2007
With all the fuss about Digg lately, most SEOs have been focusing all their attention on getting their link bait to the front page of Digg. In the process, they have forgotten that there are many other social content web sites out there. One of the sites is Reddit. With an Alexa ranking of 782, Reddit is definitely getting plenty of traffic, but is still commonly overlooked by the Digg obsessed SEO community.

So other than having slightly less traffic, how does Reddit differ from Digg? For starters, Reddit is not a tech obsessed community. This means that getting stories that aren’t tech related to the front page is a lot easier than Digg. The most challenging aspect of Reddit is the up and down arrow system. Every time someone clicks the up arrow, it gets that much closer to the first page. However, every down arrow knocks it farther away.

Reddit users are punished or rewarded based on how well their submissions do. One other unique feature of Reddit is that over time, it begins to learn your tastes and recommends articles that it feels you will be interested in.

So how can you get your web sites noticed on Reddit?

The best thing to do is sign up for a free account and start participating. Instead of automatically submitting your own stories, start by getting a feel for the community. Take some time to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Once you start to feel comfortable, practice submitting stories from other web sites. If you successfully get a handful of stories to the front page, try out a few of your own. Just remember that the more involved you are in the community, the more receptive people will be to the stories you submit.

Most importantly (and this applies to any social content web site): your title is EVERYTHING. Make sure you can come up with a good title, because if you submit an article with a boring title, it's never going to come close to seeing the front page.

Mike Peters, 01-07-2008

We're finding Reddit users are in to Politics.

The articles that will do best on Reddit will have a Politics spin to them.
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