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Video: How to post a press release on PRWeb

Rhonda W, 07-31-2008
Press releases are a great way to drive traffic, build online credibility and enhance your brand.

In this short video, you'll learn how to:

* Post a press release on PRWeb
* Which PRWeb package is the best to go with
* How you should format your press release
* Keywords and special features

Mike Peters, 07-31-2008
Here's another great video that explains what PRWeb is all about and how it works:

Joe Beaulaurier, 08-01-2008
Thank you for providing this to your audience. What a well done primer.

As you mentioned, people are welcome to contact PRWeb 24/7 at 866-640-6397. We also provide in-depth online new user orientations which are live, free and a lot of fun. Visit for details and to register.

Thanks again for helping others get the most from PRWeb.


Joe Beaulaurier
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