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Were you just banned from Google Adwords?

Mike Peters, 12-04-2009
If you're doing any PPC affiliate marketing, chances are you've heard what's been going on these last 3 days...

Google just completed another round of banning PPC affiliates, providing no information on the cause, other than a canned email.

Unlike a "Google Slap" which is a temporary increase of bid-prices due to low quality-scores, a "Google Ban" is permanent and prevents you from ever advertising on Google using your credit-cards or ip-addresses that you previously used with Google.

We've heard from hundreds of PPC affiliates who got banned on this recent round. Search Engine Marketing forums are exploding with angry marketers who've lost their entire business over-night.

Dear advertiser,

We are writing to let you know that your Google AdWords account has been disabled due to one or more serious violations of our advertising policies related to Landing Page and Site Quality. As a result, your ads will no longer run through the Google AdWords system and we are unable to accept advertising from you in the future. Please note that future accounts you open will also be disabled.


Please note that this action is related to sites that have recently been advertised through your account. In a review of your account history, we found that your account had submitted a least one site that egregiously violated our advertising policies. Although you may have removed these sites since our latest review, advertisers that have a history of promoting these types of sites are still subject to account-level disabling.


If you have additional questions or concerns not addressed by our policies or help center, you can contact support by replying to this email.

The Google AdWords team

Is affiliate marketing on Google Adwords dying a slow death? This remains to be seen.

The recent ban wasn't limited to affiliates running rebill offers but rather a mix of accounts promoting anything from Clickbank products, CPA offers, poor landing pages, etc.

If you're a PPC marketer, you're going to be forced to evolve or close shop.

Remember this -

Google accounts for about 15% of the traffic available online.

Look into other avenues such as Email Marketing, PPC on other engines such as Yahoo and MSN, Media buys, Product launches and Social media marketing, as a way of driving traffic to your offers.

david miller, 12-05-2009
you can always do organic SEO and buy links , we buy lots of organic inbound links for our clients and avoid paying for PPC

Adrian Singer, 12-05-2009
Hi David,

True. Although this should be done with extreme care. Buying SEO links is risky business, as it is a violation of Google's guidelines.

Done right, it can generate great results. But with the slightest mistake, you risk getting the domain banned from Google's search index altogether.

We've seen it happen far too many times.

Gabe Elliott, 12-18-2009
Dont forget there always performance display marketing. Many of my campaigns get the same or even better CPC's with much higher delivery and scalability.

And of course as you said Mike, there's always Yahoo!
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